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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  September 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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nelson live in washington, d.c. where the pope is heading next. rob? >> reporter: good afternoon. this event has been months in the making. now we are four hours a way from pope francis arriving in america, his first time ever in our country. things in d.c., preparations are well underway. security is tight and excitement is beginning to build. after wrapping up his time in cuba earlier today by celebrating mass at that country's most reveered shrine, the pope's whirlwind triple take him to america. >> to have a pope visit the united states and for me to work this closely to the nation's capitol, in the nation's capitol is so nice to have him this close to us. so, you just feel the love that pours out from him even closer to you. it's wonderful. >> reporter: this is shaping up to be one of the most expensive
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and intense security operations in american history. those safeguards are evident getting security equaling or exceeding that of the president. >> the barricades are everywhere. a lot more cops on the street than normal. >> pope francis's agenda including meeting with president obama, a speech to congress, a parade near the white house and celebrating mass at the basilica of the immaculate shrine at catholic university. a welcome banner adorns the school and the stage has been set. >> the holy father coming to our country is exciting. pope francis has put the bow on top and made it understandable and made it something that everybody can receive with love. >> beyond the fanfare, the pope's visit today triggers a massive security operation. authorities say there is no specific or credible threat but the pope does remain a prime target, not just of terrorists
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even the italian may have fee i can't. now you are looking at a live picture from cuba where we understand the pope boarded the plane on his way to d.c. after spending several days in that country. there was a small ceremony in the airport. the pope has boarded the plane and now on his way here to america for the first time expected to land at a andrews air force base about 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. one more note about the security effort, a massive operation. part of the concern stems from the fact that his schedule has been public since june. for weeks and weeks it's been known where he will be and when. that is adding to concerns about the security in addition to the pope's penchant, let's say, to get out to the crowd and mingle. when he gets in america, the cops, local law enforcement at al levels will have their and -- at all levels will have their hands full.
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channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, rob. after the two days in washington, the pope will fly to new york city on thursday evening. the extra security measures are going into effect. the short time ago the nypd park west. one of the biggest events and security challenges will be in central park on friday. 80,000 people will line west drive for the pope's 12 block processional. jim hoffer is live there with more. jim? >> well, already, thousands of these barricades are lining west drive in both directions as far as the eye can see. a little more than 48 hours until the pope arrives in new york city. already the security noose around manhattan is tightening. while the city slept, utility workers sealed manhole covers
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overnight around madison square garden where the pope will hold a friday evening mass. lampposts have been sealed so no explosives or weapons can be hidden inside. at the brooklyn arm terminal, row after row of police advance, cars and trucks are ready to be deployed. hundreds of vehicles that will provide the most extensive security amazed in the -- amassed in the city. >> all of our events here in new york are ticketed events so we have the ability to screen everybody coming in to the physical environment that he will be in. that is a big help to us. >> reporter: the secret service has been conducting trials including this one in which a motorcade comes under attack. they are the lead agency in providing protection for the pontiff and 170 world leaders will be here for the u.n. general assembly. they have formed a security plan with 50 other agencies and
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they are ready to go. >> i am so confident with that structure that we have been able to leverage that i have very little concern. we are built to succeed. >> reporter: the nypd along with police and philadelphia and d.c. has issued a joint intelligence bulletin that concludes there is no specific threat against the pope. it states that while the pope will be well protected, large crowds gathered outside event locations and on public transportation can be attractive targets for individuals and groups looking to carry out attacks. a concern touched upon late this morning by the nypd's head of intelligence and counterterrorism. >> we are looking in the boston marathon example for where is the potential terror threat not to the pro tech tea -- protectee but the crowd. we have layers behind that. >> reporter: we are learned interesting security details
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from commissioner bratton. there will be 6,000 additional police officers on duty during the pope visit. just think about that. that is larger than most city's entire police department. the metal bar years that we spoke -- barriers, that we spoke of, get used to them. there will be 39 miles along city streets in manhattan. jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, jim. as the mta prepares for the pope's visit, planners figured out 25 bus lines may need to be rerouted. it will be in manhattan on thursday and friday mainly related to the road closures announced by the nypd. it will involve buses near st. patrick's cathedral, united nations, central park. the mta is encouraging riders to consider using the subway because officials expect delays caused by congestion. once the pope arrives in washington this afternoon, he will rest and prepare for another busy day tomorrow.
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with a white house welcoming ceremony and personal meeting with president obama. then at 11:30 a.m. the pope will lead a prayer with bishops at st. matthew's cathedral. at 4:15 he will celebrate mass at the basilica at the national shrine of the immaculate conception. another look at the scene in cuba. the pope boarded the plane and is on his way to the united states. he is scheduled to arrive at 4:00 p.m. in washington. we will bring you his arrival ceremony live as you saw rob nelson is there live on the scene. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for coverage of the pope's visit. you can find his schedule and details about road closures and mass transit changes on our web site, a guilty plea from a police officer charged with opening fire during a drunken rampage. other ben din krohn none will get 9 nears in prison
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and off duty when he shot and wounded joseph feliz and robert pelham in 2014 oomps. now to shocking video of students brawling outside the barclay center. a 16-year-old was stabbed in the stomach as others watched. three people face charges. darla miles is in fort greene brooklyn with more on what police know about the incident. darla? >> reporter: well, david, this was a series of incidents that took place before the cell phone video was recording including the stabbing. a number of assaults at the barclay center then ending at a massive savage beat down that you see in the video on flatbush avenue. >> a lot of different high schools congregate after dismissal. >> reporter: what is seen in this cell phone video goes beyond a simple after school sir mish. it's an all out brawl.
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another beaten with a cane and an nypd officer maced. >> we have staggered dismissals to try to stop it. unfortunately these young people get together and there is trouble. >> reporter: it started on flatbush near the barclay -- near the barclay center. newscopter 7 was over the scene as police tried to disburse the massive crowd. >> the officers were in that direction then they started coming back this way afterwards. >> reporter: three people were arrested. community activist tony herbert says the teens were from three different brooklyn high schools. he plans to work with those principals to help students wise up. >> the overall arcing factor is that these kids are sitting dormant doing nothing but getting into mischief. this is turning violent and creating an atmosphere that is criminal that they don't understand there are consequences behind it. >> reporter: now, even though there were three arrests, the incident is under investigation
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including any social media posts which may have instigated the fight. reporting live in fort greene, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. police have released video showing a suspect in that gruesome murder of a cab driver in the bronx. investigators say the gunman wore a red hooded sweater with light-colored shorts. around 1:30 yesterday morning police say he shot cabbie barry momadue in a dispute over the fare. he was the father of three children with a fourth on the way. in new jersey crews are investigating an overnight house fire that happened in kearny. there were no other injuries. firefighters got the upper hand before flames could spread to other houses. the cause is under investigation. a former staten island congressman michael grimm, reporting to a federal prison at this hour. grimm is scheduled to surrender to u.s. marshals at noon.
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the former representative will serve an 8-month sentence for tax fraud. he pled guilty for hiding sales from his restaurant to avoid paying taxes. yom kippur begins at sundown, the jewish day of atonement marked by prayer, facing. many spend it at the synagogue and many fast for a full 26 hours. >> wishing all an easy fast. a police officer on the other side of the law under arrest for a hit and run crash that critically injured a motorcyclist. >> new developments in the volkswagen scandal. what the ceo now admits. >> hear from the kentucky clerk
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choose a plan with 30 years of experience. call elderplan now to enroll. . in the race for president as one republican candidate drops out, another refuses to pull his name out of the race. we are learning what was behind scott walker's decision to end
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much of it came down to a lack of cash. yesterday walker said he wanted to clear the field so republicans can focus on a better candidate than the current front-runner, a clear shot at donald trump. ben carson refuses to leave the race after his comments about muslims. he said over the weekend that he would not support a muslim for president. he tried to clarify his comments saying it was targeted at radical islamists. stocks took a dive this morning. an emission scandal widens. u.s. regulators reveal that volkswagen cheated in emissions tests on half a million diesel vehicles. now the automaker admits that up to 11 million cars have the software that allows them to get around epa pollution standards. >> let's be clear about this. our company was dishonest with the epa and the california air resources board.
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and in my german words we have totally screwed up. >> volkswagen halted all u.s. sales of the diesel cars and pledged to cooperate with the justice department investigators. we want to take you back to cuba where pope francis is wrapping up his cuba part of the visit. he will be heading to maryland air force base arriving around 4:00. this is a historic visit in cuba. the first time meeting with fidel castro and a lot is planned for his trip when he gets to washington, d.c. where he will be met by the president and the first lady in a ceremony where there will not be comments at the time. then a full day on the day after that where he will be speaking with the president again and meeting with members of congress and many other activities. we will stay on this, the very latest and bring you the latest information as it happens when
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i don't know. i would say it's a bittersweet day. we had a fantastic summer. >> one of the best summers we had. rain during the week, weekends were great. temperatures were great. we had some -- nine, ten over 90-degree days. all good things must come to an end. last noon shot before the summer of 2015. there we see down the east river there the seastreak. a lot of boat traffic. a pumper coming up, a barge. we have clouds and breaks of sun. to the west we have a few showers at noontime. temperature 69 degrees.
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wind northeast at 6. pressure continues to hang around, 30.28 which is fair weather. strong high pressure is being under cut by the low with clouds. a few minutes before 7:00 we have sunset. it feels like fall today. as summer ends it will feel like summer tomorrow as fall begins then we watch a system that might bring us rain on sunday coming up for the weekend. we will keep an eye on that. the pollen count is the focus. air quality is fine. it is ragweed season. 61 to 71 around the five boroughs. 57 monticello. northeast wind. so, that will keep it cloudy with intervals of clouds and sun. cool breeze around 74. a few showers in northeast new jersey. clear and comfy. 60 around the five boroughs. tomorrow, first day of our autumn and the autumnnal
12:22 pm
equinox at 4:20 in the morning and 80 digest. then thursday 80 and we cool down for the weekend. we will keep sunday open but there may be a shower on sunday. jeff smith will be here later today. i will let him handle it. >> let him talk about the bad news, you can handle the good news. i like that. >> a nice start to fall, let's focus on that. >> i know when to lay low. >> thanks, bill. the kentucky clerk at the center of a marriage license story. kim davis opens up in an
12:23 pm
about ne caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
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a 12-year-old boy attacked by a shark in from is talking about his fight for survival. josh bitner was in the water sunday when a 4-foot shark latched on to him. he said his instincts kicked in and he turned around and punched it. the shark let go and he yelled for help. he dragged himself to shallow water where he got the attention of other people on the beach. a texas teenager has withdrawn from the school where his science project was mistaken for a bomb.
12:25 pm
said he pulled all his children from the schools in the dallas suburb after that incident. teachers confused a homemade clock for a bomb. his family will be in new york city this week to meet with dignitaries from the united nations. we will have much more ahead in the next half hour. a police officer on long island charged in a hit and run that hospital. more details in a live report. >> brand-new surveillance video coming in of a luxury car slamming into two stores overnight. >> plus, kim davis opens up about the gay marriage license
12:26 pm
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our big story this afternoon, pope francis is on his way to the united states. the pontiff is boarding a plane in cuba a few minutes ago. the president and first lady will greet him at andrews air force base this afternoon. he is expected to arrive at 4:00 p.m. in his final mass, pope francis called for a new revolution of tenderness and joy. millions are waiting for his arrival in the u.s. his first stop, washington, d.c. before coming to new york on thursday and philadelphia on saturday. the nypd is closing off streets and putting extra
12:28 pm
you can find the closures on our web site, in a few minutes we will look back at pope francis's life as a young boy and how he got where he is today. >> hello, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. more on the pope in a minute. new details about a long island police officer charged in a hit and run crash. >> suffolk officer thomas o'neill turned himself in yesterday. police say he hit a man on a motorcycle in ronkonkoma. the victim critically hurt is at stony brook hospital right now. long island reporter kristin thorne is live in stony brook. kristin? >> reporter: shirleen, charles giardinello was in a medically induced coma but he was taken out a short time ago. the 40-year-old was riding his motorcycle in ronkonkoma sunday night when he struck a pickup truck, police say.
12:29 pm
behind the police say, was off-duty police officer thomas o'neill. investigators say o'neill fled the scene but turned himself in to authorities yesterday. o'neill has been suspended without pay and is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving a serious injury which is a felony. o'neill did submit to a drug test. they will do the drug tests and look at that blood for remnants of alcohol and drugs. giardinello's family expect him to make a full recovery but he has a long road ahead of him. live in stony brook, kristin >> kristin, thank you. on long island also, new video of a violent car crash. a driver lost control of a maserati in west islip about 10:30 last night. surveillance video shows the car crashing into a bagel shop. the sports car ended up in a neighboring fried chicken restaurant. both were closed at the time. the driver is recovering in the
12:30 pm
police did impound the car for a safety check. happening today, the mayor of jersey city will announce transgender medical care will be offered to city workers. the announcement will make jersey city the largest city in new jersey and one of just a handful in the country to offer this type of coverage. the expansion of the city's health care plan means gender reassignment surgery will be covered. now back to our coverage of states. pope francis left cuba. as we saw a few minutes ago he was headed to andrews air force base. liz cho takes a look back at his life. >> reporter: he was born hooray mary jolt. he grew up in a modest neighborhood. at 43 he was ordained as a priest and in 1998 he became the archbishop of buenos aires.
12:31 pm
march 13, 2013 he was named the 266th pope becoming the first pope from the americas and first jees you it priest to be the spiritual leader. in another first, he was the only pope to adopt the name pope francis. as pope, francis refused to live in the luxurious papal palace. he chose a simple two bedroom apartment. he shunned the extravagant custom made pope mobile preferring a version that allows him to be closer to the people. it is the people and the plight of the poor that francis made a priority. in fact, he caused a bit of controversy within the vatican when he washed the feet of two women and two muslims at a juvenile detention center in rome. >> he had a deep understanding of human frailties. he talks about his own sinfulness personally and openly.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: francis has not shied away from deviling into some of the vatican's taboo topics like homosexuality. francis has shown a more accepting attitude saying, quote, if someone is gay and he searches for the lord and has goodwill, who am i to judge. >> i think it's a change for people because they haven't in the past, you know, seen us for a number of reasons as a well coming merciful church. >> reporter: within the first year of his papacy he was named "time" magazine's person of year for his ability in a short amount of time to reenergize so many people that had given up on the catholic church and overhauled the process for catholics to get a marriage a nullment and in a sign of leniency will allow priests to for give women that had an abortion. >> politics aside, the pope has a profound love for soccer and
12:33 pm
lorenzo who gave the pope a replica of the championship trophy and his own team jersey that reads francis, champion. >> he is coming from cuba. last year he helped negotiate the release of allen gross a u.s. citizen in cuban custody. right now the pope's plane on the way to maryland where he is expected to begin a ceremony at 4:00 p.m. everything you need to know about the pope's schedule, street closures at our web site, meteorologist bill evans has the after school forecast. we will have good weather when he gets here. >> it will be great at the end of the week. absolutely gorgeous. dry, low humidity. perfect dry temperatures. this afternoon breaks of sun. breezy and cool and a couple of sprinkles off to the north and west. good for after school sports today.
12:34 pm
beach, you will notice the waves are cranking and the rip current will be high. atlantic. be careful. 74 this afternoon. tomorrow. it's 80 agrees. we will talk about the weekend coming up in your forecast. back to you. >> thank you, goes bill. celebrity sech sandra lee interview. governor cuomo's girlfriend talks about her battle with breast cancer and a recent if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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police in queens hope you can help identify a thief that stole packages off door steps. you can see the man walking to the door of a home. he sees two packages just dropped off, stuffs them in a one neighbor said she saw the man a are the who time before the crime. >> i saw him this morning when i was walking my dog actually. i was that way, i saw him coming up the block. i looked at him. he saw me and went back toward the avenue. >> another neighbor said she saw the man wondering the neighborhood every day the past four months. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. tv chef sandra lee opened up to "good morning america" anchor robin roberts about her battle with breast cancer. she said her daughters told her she is cancer free.
12:38 pm
she celebrated by walking the red carpet at the emmys on sunday night. lee says she is hopeful that -- grateful to everyone that sacrificed to make early detention possible. >> it's only respectful to ourselves and their work and what they gave up for us to get our tushies in there and get it diagnosed and come out and take care of it. >> lee underwent a double mastectomy in may. last month an infection lead to more surgery. lee said she will wait until after the super bowl in february to decide if she will have cigarettes. are they less harmful or just as bad. surgeon general said there is not enough evidence to show that they are healthier or enough to kick the habit. unclear.
12:39 pm
the stock car racing community is mourning the loss of a driver who died while taking a victory lap at a track in vermont. police say leon gano just won the final race of nascar's all american series and was taking a ceremonial lap on saturday crashed into a wall. hospital. a track worker injured in the full recovery. a former peanut executive is sentenced to 28 years in prison for his role in a deadly salmonella outbreak. stewart parnell is the one time owner of peanut corporation of america. he was convicted of knowingly shipping the peanuts and faking lab results for salmonella.
12:40 pm
cancer. he has lymphoma. he expects to keep a substantially normal work schedule but will cult back on travel -- cut back in travel. custom officers in hong kong hope to have made a dent in shipping of rhino horns. they found several pieces of cut up horns inside checked bags. ' they believe it adds up to three hole rhino horns worth about $260 million. the suspects could be find and get a year in prison. kim davis opens up in an exclusive interview with abc news. >> i can't put my name on a license that doesn't represent what god ordained marriage to be. >> is the kentucky clerk at the center of the gay marriage license battle willing to go
12:41 pm
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an exclusive interview with kim davis, the county clerk jailed after refusing to issue licenses to gay couples. she is standing her ground. a judge found her in contempt after an order that required her office to issue licenses. she says that the controversy has made her the target of hateful reactions. >> i can't put my name on a license that doesn't represent what god ordained marriage to be. i have never once spout a word of hate. i have not been hateful. i had people yelling, screaming and cussing me. >> davis is not alone saying that clerks in at least five
12:45 pm
to have their names removed from marriage licenses for gay couples. the world's largest sailing ship is getting its first test drive on the open water. oh, yes. russian billionaire unveiled the new super yacht. in germany it's nearly 470 feet long with masts that are almost 300 feet high. you like that, bill? it has eight decks, a pool and helicopter pad. the price tag more than $400 million. >> i was looking at that. it's an amazing, amazing -- >> window shopping. >> the guy would build his one foot longer than mine. >> is that what he did? >> yes. >> so catty. >> do you have a helicopter pad. >> of course. a look outside at noontime, clouds, breaks of sun. a couple of sprinkles around
12:46 pm
morris county. we have a hazy look here. camera bouncing around a little bit. this is our camera in astoria queens down the east river at noontime. a temperature of 69 degrees. a moderate to dry humidity. northeast wind at 10. a rising barometer. that would normally point to a nice fair-weather day except we have a wave of low pressure under cutting that. temperature 67 long island. 71 islip. 69 belmar. 59 up to monticello. northeast wind 10, 12 miles per hour. that keeps a gloomy feel. a couple of sprinkles in passaic county and up around orange, sullivan ulster across the hudson river and breaks in here, too where the sun is coming through. this will continue for the afternoon. to the west, dry air filters in tonight. at the bus stop 74, cloudy, breezy, nice for sports. no rain.
12:47 pm
atlantic up to 20 miles per hour. 25 in some places. it's rough out there. rip current risk is high at the beaches. still looking at 74 this afternoon, close to normal. tomorrow as more of the high slides eastward it dries things out and you a come arriving with summer weather this weekend. this weekend waves in the atlantic and rough surf if you want to head to the beach. we have clouds and sun for the afternoon. cool breeze. 74. clearing, comfortable tonight. 50s in the suburbs. 60 the five boroughs. tomorrow sunny, warmer on the first day of autumn. 80 degrees. how about that. the humidities are low. the so, it will feel nice. the wind will continue to switch around and eventually to the southwest. so,ing that will keep us warm on thursday. a high of 80. then as the high slides off, we get a few cooler breezes and cooler air into friday and saturday. back to more normal stuff. sunday a mixture of sun and clouds.
12:48 pm
might be showers. we will keep an eye on that. a coastal storm that may throw back a shower on sunday. we will see. summer of 2015 -- >> we will miss you. >> you were great. >> we will miss you. >> we are about 7 inches short of rain. >> that's true. all right. on the money, "the wall street journal" reports that apple is moving forward with plans to build an electric car. it has 600 people working on the project. that is being boosted to 1800. the code name for the car is titan. there is no word on when it might hit the street. you love your starbucks lay take but hate waiting in line? there is an april for that -- app for that. starbucks expanding the pay ahead service. the company tested the service last december in portland, people with the starbucks app and prepay. give an estimated wait time so
12:49 pm
you know when to pick up your drink. look who has one on his phone. >> that app was made specifically for david. >> they call it the navarro app. >> that's true.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
hi, everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom. later today, pope francis is expected to touchdown here in the u.s. and is going -- it is going to happen when we are on the air with "eyewitness news first at 4:00." we will be in washington with all of the excitement there and of course the final preparations that are i will underway here in new york. we are going to tell you about
12:52 pm
a local bakery that is making thousands of cookies for the pope was visit. hopefully we will get to sample some. those stories and more on "eyewitness news first at 4:00." i don't know if you get them at 4:00 or 5:00. i suspect 4:00. >> i suspect we will get crumb either way. >> i would like to get them at 12:55. on our social media feeds getting shared, we call it the feed. a service dog for a marine veteran. thunderstorm story started with a facebook post and got a lot of people upset. questions at the gate over whether axle met the requirements of being a virus dog. this left his owner captain jason haig frustrated. axle isn't just a service dog but named service dog of the year. the couple rebooked the flight. after the story went viral, american airlines apologized and looks to make it up to the couple. >> if only he could say do you not know who i am.
12:53 pm
you know what, there is a lot of iconic james bond songs, i'm thinking of one right now, diamonds are forever? >> i would have gone with adele. >> that is the most recent one. >> we know sam smith just signed on. he is giving fans a tease about his new jamaica bond song. >> it feels very 007-esq. you have to have an orchestra. >> the official song called writings on the wall will be released on the 25th of this month. the movie will be released in november. >> looking forward to it. >> can't wait. >> that will be awesome. a football fan turned a hobby into a business in texas. he decor -- she decorated strawberries. she created dallas cowboy
12:54 pm
themed treats. the berries went viral after she posted pictures on the facebook foodie group. she is getting orders from as far away as hawaii. giants fans i'm sure will not participate. >> we will use them to toss them at the cowboy fans. that's it. a quick check of weather. >> this afternoon great weather. fall like on the last day of summer.
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